Q. Can I check the availability of a specific item?
A. We indicate the availability of stock on the website of individual items but please remember that stock levels can change very quickly.

Q. When is my order coming?
A. Please send us an email for updates, see our contact details

Q. What happens if my furniture will not fit when the delivery comes?
A. When making your furniture order it is vital that you check it is going to fit not only the space in your room but also the access into your house and hallway. Please be sure to check the width and height of doorways, stairs and the exact location where you intend to place it, all very carefully. If the worst happens please follow the instructions for returns under our Terms and Conditions.

Q. Do you deliver outside of the UK mainland?
A. At present we only deliver to the UK mainland.

Q. When will the balance be taken if I have not paid in full when ordering?
A. If you only made a deposit when ordering, then the remaining balance of the purchase price will automatically be taken from the same card before delivery is undertaken. If, we are unable to take the full balance, we will not be obliged to continue with the delivery unless full payment has been made. If you choose to provide us with an alternative card, please get in touch via our contact details to let us know, giving a minimum of 5 days before your expected delivery.

Q. What if I find a fault with my furniture after delivery such as missing parts?
A. In the unlikely event that a piece of our furniture should develop a fault or you find a part missing, please call our Customer Care team following the instructions indicated under our Terms and Conditions.

For any queries we are always available to help you via our contact details listed under our Terms and Conditions.