Occasional Chairs

Occasional Chairs for Living Room, Accent Chairs & Occasional Chairs

Occasional chairs or accent chairs offer a bit of extra style and colour to a room as a side piece rather than being the centre furniture. Situated in the middle of an arm chair and a dining room chair, the occasional chairs come in a wide range of designs, colours, shapes and sizes and you can choose a style that perfectly suits your home decor and matches your colour scheme. Whether it is going to be used as an additional seat for guests or to complete the look of a bedroom, there are many different styles available from the classic comfy chair or the straight back to the compact chairs and even swivel recliners.

The occasional chairs are designed with comfort in mind, offering lumbar support and relaxation and some will come with a cushion filled with soft fibre or memory foam that contours to your body shape for additional comfort. There are a range of shapes and sizes available with a choice of high or low backs, arm rests and cushioned seating and you can discover the perfect occasional chair that is designed for your ultimate comfort and which suits the theme of the room where it is placed.

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