Folding Mattresses

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A folding mattress online at FurnishTime is a popular choice for customers who need to save space and it is most commonly used for when guests stay over or their child is having a friend for a sleepover. There is an array of different types for the folding mattress including the various sizes, firmness and functionality to help customers choose the best fit for their requirements. The best part about a folding mattress is that while it is not in use, it can be folded away in a cupboard without taking up hardly any space which is perfect if you only have guests over on the odd occasion.

From the single size to a double size, the folding mattresses come in a range of sizes and depth providing the right amount of comfort and support for the whole body for a good night’s sleep. These specially designed folding mattresses can also be portable which makes for a comfy camping trip! The most common folding mattresses are all made of foam to optimise the comfort and support and have either 2 or 4 folds for easy storage and space saving qualities. While the folding mattresses may not have optional firmness levels, they are an excellent option for a temporary guest when you do not have much room.

With so many fantastic options for a folding mattress to buy online at FurnishTime you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs which not only provides comfort and support for your guests but is also easy to store so maximising the space in your bedrooms. From a single to a double sized folding mattress, there are many suitable choices available that guarantee an excellent night’s sleep for your guests.

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