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There are a wide range of beds in various sizes, materials, colours and styles advertised on FurnishTime and the single beds online are popular for children, spare rooms and the smallerbedrooms in your home. The singe beds are available in wood, leather, fabric and metal bed frames from traditional brown, white and grey to bolder colours such as yellow and you can choose between the beds which have drawers underneath for extra storage or the beds with a simple, high bed frame with an empty space beneath.

From the classic divan to the contemporary metal frames, the single beds offer an array of benefits whether you are looking to optimise the space available or are looking for a relaxing night’s sleep. Trundle single beds are also available which include a hidden second bed underneath that can be pulled out when in use and hidden away to keep as much space as possible in the room!With such a gorgeous selection of single beds on offer, you are guaranteed to discover the perfect bed that not only offers essential comfort and lumbar support, perhaps with a memory foam mattress or extra pillows, but a single bed that will also look good in your bedroom or guest room, matching the colour scheme and complimenting the room’s decor.

The single beds found here on FurnishTime will fit in flawlessly with the matching furniture sets such as a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table and bookshelves to create a stylish, perfectly designed bedroom for your children or guests. We spend around eight hours in bed every night and so it is essential that you find the most comfortable bed and considering thata bed is the most important part of the bedroom FurnishTime offers a vast selection to help you buy a single bed that is perfect for your every needs.

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