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There is a wide range of comfortable and stylish reclining chairs available and the manual latch recliners online are the traditional choice and are favoured by many. The latch recliners come in a variety of different colours, fabrics and styles to help you pick one that matches your home decor and colour scheme and they are all expertly designed to provide customers with essential comfort with extra padding in the backs and arm rests as well as lumbar support with the help of soft fibre or foam filled cushions which meld to your body shape.

These manual latch recliners are simple to use; the discreet latch is found at the side of the chair which lowers the backrest and raises the footrest to create complete relaxation. Whether you are watching TV, reading a book or even taking an afternoon nap, the latch recliner is an essential piece of furniture that is a must have in your home.

You can choose between beautiful upholstered fabric, leather or faux leather to fit in with your home’s style and the high quality material ensures the chair looks great for many years. With so many fantastic latch recliners available in a selection of designs and sizes, you will discover the perfect chair which fits your body type, provides comfort and looks good in the centre of your living room. There are so many important qualities to consider such as comfort, support, high quality construction and easy cleaning and your decision is made easy with the help of FurnishTime and the incredible choice available for latch recliners.

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