Trio Sets

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If you are looking for a matching wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table or cabinet, FurnishTime offers a range of fantastic trio sets online to make your bedroom makeover complete with stylish furniture that not only looks elegant but provides you with plenty of storage and compliments the room decor, fitting in flawlessly with the design and colour scheme. The trio sets come in a variety of styles and colours and you are sure to find the perfect furniture set that will stand out in your bedroom.

The trio set consists of a wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table and you are able to choose every little detail for the perfect fit. The wardrobes come in a range of sizes from small 2 door options to the larger 6 foot, 4 door with traditional opening doors or perhaps mirrored sliding doors with some also offering drawers for extra storage. The chest of drawers are also available in various sizes depending on how much storage you need, perhaps a small 3 drawer or a larger 6 drawer for the tidy organisation of clothes. The bedside table is ideal placing items on while you sleep such as your glasses, water, your phone or book and often holds a lamp. With a trio set you are sure to find an elegant match for your room that not only provides much needed storage but also adds a touch of style that completes the look of the bedroom.

With such an extensive collection of these fabulous trio sets online at FurnishTime that include a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bedside table in a variety of sizes, colours and styles, you are guaranteed to discover the perfect storage units for your bedroom with gorgeous matching designs that you will adore.

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